We Are Blend

We combine data, technology, design and storytelling into meaningful consumer experiences that fuel engagement and business results.

  • World class talent

  • Blend’s core team includes highly experienced, award-winning talent and young technologically focused, creative up-and-comers. Using a mix of staff and on-demand talent, we scale quickly for large projects or wrangle specialized talent and expertise to meet the needs of your project.

  • Customized services

  • Our concierge culture drives everything we do; delivering excellence for our clients, accomm­odating the needs of any project, and working to make sure your business goals are met.

  • Lean start-up pricing

  • Our broad network of remarkable on-demand talent allows us to produce exceptional quality while keeping overhead low. Because we don’t staff for big legacy brands, we don’t ask you to pay to tell someone else’s story.

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